Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trevor Kayle Cowan

Here are a few newborn pictures of my little guy... These pictures are a few days off of his one month mark...My sister did such a good job because Trevor was not liking his first photo shoot... She was able to capture these pictures in a matter of mayble ten minutes...Thanks sis your the best... It is crazy how time flys by when you have a new baby...He is so much fun and growing like a weed...At his one month mark he was already taking four ounces of milk six times a day...He loves his milk...However, it is a toss up on which he likes better milk or sleep???He is such a good baby I almost feel like sometimes he needs to make me work a little harder....You know, so I can prove I'm a good mom...I guess he is just going to be mommy's sweetheart and give me a break (at least for now)...All in all we are just enjoying be parents to this baby boy...


The Colemans said...

enjoy it and wait till the next one. kash was such a good sleeper and Krew is not at all.

Julie Harward said... should be a crime for a boy to be that beautiful!!! You are so blessed...Tiff's new baby is like that too, nurses and sleeps all day, enjoy it all..I'm SO happy for you! :D